Allmed Group Corporation

Main Principle - Open this planet for your business!

We are a legal company in the United States with all the law permits. Our company still believes that the United States of North America is the land of opportunity for companies who wish to progress. Let us help to make your company's presence in the U.S. and sell their products and services.

Main Services

Strategic Market information in the U.S

We give you useful information for your business in the U.S. and also about its position in the market and their products.

Business with USA

Our services are created to help companies at the time of purchase and sell products from Latin America and Europe.

International Commercialization

Since we have an organized structure, specialized, we can offer our customers a safe trading with this country, resulting in inner peace and tranquility.

Overall Fundraising Leaders

Dr. Paulo Cesar Morocho Escandon

CEO of Allmed Group Corporation in United State, and CEO of ALLMED GROUP International.

Ing. Manuel Hidalgo Morocho Chalco

President of Allmed Group Corporation, and Manager of ALLMED GROUP International services.

Jhon Trevor Durden

Senior executive of Allmed Group Corporation in Miami, Director of Business of United States of North America.

Main Topics

Your successful business in the North American Market.

Find the opportunity in the U.S. for your business.